Kasturi V. Bangera



Date of Joining at NITK: 

Wednesday, November 6, 1985

Professional Experience: 

Total 34 Years at NITK Surathkal

Contact Details


kasturivb [at] gmail.com


+91-824-2474000 Extn. 3279


Academic Background


Areas of Interest

• Growth, characterization and applications of compound semiconductor thin films.

Significant Projects

• Cadmium selenide thin films for photo detector applications DRDO 12.78 Lakhs (Completed)
• Cadmium Telluride semiconductor Thinfilms for optoelectronic sensor application MHRD 6 Lakhs (Completed)

Supervision of Ph.D

• 10 (awarded)
• 04(On-going)

Significant Publications

• Characterization of p- CdTe/n-CdS heterojunctions, Mahesha M.G, Kasturi V.B and G.K.Shivakumar, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, Vol.12,(2009)89-93
• The effect of Substrate temperature on the structural, Optical and electrical properties of vacuum deposited ZnTe thin films, Gowrish K.Rao, Kasturi V.Bangera and G.K.Shivakumar
Vacuum Vol. 83, (2009), 1485-88
• Studies on Vacuum deposited n-ZnSe/p-ZnTe heterojunction diodes, Gowrish K.Rao, Kasturi V.Bangera and G.K.Shivakumar , Solid State Electronics 54 (2010) 787-790.
• Studies on vacuum deposited p-ZnTe/n-CdTe heterojunction diodes, Gowrish K.Rao, Kasturi V.Bangera and G.K.Shivakumar, Solid State Electronics, Vol.56 (2011) 100-103
• Study of doping of thermally evaporated ZnO thin films with indium and indium oxide., Sowmya Palimar, Kasturi V.Bangera and G.K.Shivakumar, Applied Nanoscience (Springer)
DOI 10.1007/s13204-012-0161 (2012).


• In addition to teaching and Research activities, served as the Head of the department of Physics.
• Top third paper among the top 25 Hottest Articles of “Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing”, January to March 2010.
Characterization of p- CdTe/n-CdS heterojunctions, Mahesha M.G., Kasturi.V.Bangera, G.K.Shivakumar , Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, Vol. 12, 89-93 (2009)
• Awarded “Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of 25years of dedicated Service to the Institute” on the 54th Institute Foundation Day - 06.08.2013 at NITK.
• The best paper award for “Effect of substrate temperature on the structural and electrical properties of spray deposited lead sulfide thin films” by E.Veena, Kasturi V. Bangera and G.K.Shivakumar, in the international conference on “Recent Advances in Nano science and technology (RAINSAT-2015) organized by Sathyabama University, in association with Central Leather Research Institute, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research , Chennai, India during July 8th to 10th , 2015.
• Awarded “Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing, Ceramic International”, May 2017.


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Dr. Ajith. K. M, Associate Professor and Head
Department of Physics, NITK, Surathkal
P. O. Srinivasnagar, Mangalore - 575 025
Karnataka, India.

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