Kasturi. V. Bangera



Date of Joining at NITK: 

Wednesday, November 6, 1985

Professional Experience: 

Total 30 Years at NITK Surathkal

Contact Details


kasturivb [at] gmail.com


+91-824-2474000 Extn. 3279


Academic Background


Areas of Interest

• Growth, characterization and applications of compound semiconductor thin films.

Significant Projects

• Cadmium selenide thin films for photo detector applications DRDO 12.78 Lakhs (Completed)
• Cadmium Telluride semiconductor Thinfilms for optoelectronic sensor application MHRD 6 Lakhs (Completed)

Supervision of Ph.D

• 07 (awarded)
• 05(On-going)

Significant Publications

• Characterization of p- CdTe/n-CdS heterojunctions, Mahesha M.G, Kasturi V.B and G.K.Shivakumar, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, Vol.12,(2009)89-93
• The effect of Substrate temperature on the structural, Optical and electrical properties of vacuum deposited ZnTe thin films, Gowrish K.Rao, Kasturi V.Bangera and G.K.Shivakumar
Vacuum Vol. 83, (2009), 1485-88
• Studies on Vacuum deposited n-ZnSe/p-ZnTe heterojunction diodes, Gowrish K.Rao, Kasturi V.Bangera and G.K.Shivakumar , Solid State Electronics 54 (2010) 787-790.
• Studies on vacuum deposited p-ZnTe/n-CdTe heterojunction diodes, Gowrish K.Rao, Kasturi V.Bangera and G.K.Shivakumar, Solid State Electronics, Vol.56 (2011) 100-103
• Study of doping of thermally evaporated ZnO thin films with indium and indium oxide., Sowmya Palimar, Kasturi V.Bangera and G.K.Shivakumar, Applied Nanoscience (Springer)
DOI 10.1007/s13204-012-0161 (2012).


• In addition to teaching and Research activities, served as the Head of the department of Physics.
• Awarded with the “Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of 25years of dedicated service to the Institute” on the 54th Institute Foundation Day -06.08.2013 at NITK.
• Characterization of p- CdTe/n-CdS heterojunctions , Mahesha M.G., Kasturi.V.Bangera, G.K.Shivakumar , Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, Vol.12, 89 - 93 (2009)Top third paper among the top 25 Hottest Articles of Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, January to March 2010.
• Best paper award to “Effect of substrate temperature on the structural and electrical properties of spray deposited lead sulphide thin films” by Veena E, Kasturi V. Bangera & G. K. Shivakumar, International Conference on Recent Advances in Nanoscience & Technology, Sathyabama University, Chennai, July 8 to 10, 2015.


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Dr. M.N. Satyanarayan, Professor and Head
Department of Physics, NITK, Surathkal
P. O. Srinivasnagar, Mangalore - 575 025
Karnataka, India.

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